DataDelta is a handy VFP developer's class. Use this class to figure out changes between two sets of FoxPro data files. For example, suppose you just completed a new version of your VFP application and you want to document the changes. Unfortunately you were so caught up with the programming you did not write down all the changes you made to the tables. Since it's been a couple of months since you started the upgrade project, you have forgotten most of the changes you made. What do you do now? One way would be to compare the structure of each new table with the structure of the corresponding original table. But that would take too much time and you might miss something. Instead, just run DataDelta and it will automatically show you the differences:
As shown in the example above, DataDelta lists all the tables in both old and new directories. The screen highlights tables that exist only in new directory in yellow. It also highlights tables that only exist in the old directory in gray. A pink highlight means the owning dbf has changed. No highlight means table exists in both old an new folders.
But that's not all. DataDelta also tells you the differences between tables: Whether fields were added, dropped, or modified. It evens tells you if some table properties have changed.
You can zoom in to see the changes between two tables by right-clicking on the table and selecting the appropriate choice from the menu. Here is an example:
The table view shows all the fields of the table. The yellow highlight means that field was added to the new table. A gray highlight means the field was dropped. The pink highlight means field was modified. When you select a field, its properties are shown so you could see the differences.
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