DataUpdater is a handy Visual FoxPro class for upgrading users data structure to the latest format. Suppose you just came up with a new version of your software. This version has some cool features and customers who had older versions want to upgrade to it. The problem is that the data structure has changed and customers want to use their old data with the new application. Add to that the fact that your application has been through several revisions and had modifications to the data structures with each. This means existing customers have different data structures depending on the version they are running!
How do you upgrade all these customers to the latest version while allowing them to keep their precious data? Send them DataUpdater. All they need to do is simply select the old data directory and the new structure directory, which has the data dictionary files you created with the included program. Next they click on "Do Update", and the DataUpdater will take care of converting their files to the latest format.
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