DateTimeCtrl is a Visual FoxPro class for easy date and time selection. There are three controls in this class:
  Date Picker: For entering dates.
  Time picker: For entering time
  DateTime picker: For entering date-time values.
To use these classes, you simply drop them on your form.
The Date class consists of a date text box with a calendar icon. The user can type the date in or click on the calendar icon to use the MS Active X calendar. The user can browse months or move to a different year and visually select the appropriate date by clicking on it.
The Time entry class has spinner controls. The user can either type in the appropriate time or use the spinners to select them. A regular spinner click will change the time by a 5-minute jump. Using Shift + click causes a 15-minute jump and Ctrl + click causes a 30-min jump.
The DateTime class has both the Date and Time entry boxes for entering datetime values. You can directly read the value in VFP's datetime format via the controls' .timevalue property.
As a tribute to VFP, you can now download the full Foxy Classes libraries free of charge and experiment on your own.
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