Importer is an easy-to-use end-user class that makes it easy to import data from text files into your Visual FoxPro application. For example, add this class to your VFP application to enable users to load their customers list. Here is how this class works:
1) User starts by selecting the text file which has the import data and the target table:
2) The class will analyze the data and guess the type (delimited or Fixed-width, and if latter type of delimiter). In most cases the guess is correct, but user can change if needed. Note that if type is "Fixed Width", user can mark the beginning of each field by simply clicking on the location.
3) User maps each column in the text file to its correct field in the table. This is done by simply dragging the column and dropping in the row that corresponds to the appropriate field. Note that required fields are highlighted. User can only move to next step if all required fields are mapped.
4) In this step user can select which of the available records to import, or can import all records. Also the Wizard will display the records and will mark them as follows: Green: record is OK. Red: record violates index uniqueness. Magenta: Index for record repeated in more than one place in the import file. Yellow: A required field is missing in this record.
5) User can now click on "Finish" to complete the import.
As a tribute to VFP, you can now download the full Foxy Classes libraries free of charge and experiment on your own.
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