About Foxy Classes
Foxy Classes is a collection of 16 powerful Visual FoxPro classes that you can use to add power and functionality to your VFP applications. For example, the LocatorGrid class will add built-in row highlight, sort, and search capabilities to your grids. The Importer class will enable end users to easily import data from text files. The dbf2Excel class will give end users the ability to export data into MS Excel or other applications. The date and time selection classes will make it easy for users to enter date-time values or select time periods for reports.
Some developer utilities are also included. For example, DataDelta will show you the differences between the data structure of files in any two directories. This includes added and removed tables and differences between tables having the same name. DataUpdater takes this capability a step further by allowing end users to convert their files to the latest format while keeping existing data. This is handy for upgrading users to the latest version of your application.
Foxy Classes is written in native Visual FoxPro code. The library is fully compatible with VFP9, VFP8, VFP7 and VFP6, and most classes also work with VFP5 as well (exceptions are FontFx, DataDelta, and DataUpdater, which use some newer VFP commands). What makes Foxy Classes special is that its full source code is included! This means you can modify the source for your needs. The high quality source code is written by a VFP expert. If you are the type of person who learns by example, studying the source code is an excellent way to enhance your VFP coding skills.
Full documentation for Foxy Classes is included in the form of a compiled help file . A sample application of all the classes complete with its source code is also included.
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