LocatorGrid is a powerful Visual FoxPro grid class with the following benefits:
  Highlight: The selected row is automatically highlighted for easy identification.
  Sorting: Simply click on the header of any column to sort data in the grid by that column.
  Revere Sorting: Click on the header twice to sort in reverse order.
  Incremental Search: To search for an item in a column, simply click on that column and start typing its first few letters. The grid will automatically zoom in to the entered item.
  Smart Click: Class distinguishes between a click on the header for sorting and a click for resizing the column. In other words, resizing a column will not force an unintentional sort!
  Auto Fit: User can double click on a column and it will automatically resize to fit the largest item. Ctrl+Double Click will resize all columns.
  Versatility: Ability to work as independent grid or source or target of one-to-many grids.
To use the LocatorGrid, simply drop it on your VFP form and set a few properties. These include csql, followField, followTable, followTag, isSpecialCharSet, lInGrid, lKeepFormat, nCurRec, mapCharSlower, and mapCharSupper.
The VFP sample application included with Foxy Classes has 4 examples utilizing this powerful class. These include single grids and one-to-many grids. Here is a screen shot from the sample application.
As a tribute to VFP, you can now download the full Foxy Classes libraries free of charge and experiment on your own.
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