MultiSelectGrid is a VFP grid class that enables users to select multiple rows using standard Windows functionality (e.g. holding Ctrl key down while clicking on multiple rows). Simply drop this class on a form and set some properties such as cSQL (SQL statement) and cOrgsource (table), and you're all set!
The MultiSelectGrid automatically formats its columns and headers. The headers are read from the database, and the columns are automatically resized. If you like, you can also format the grid's headers and columns yourself, and set the lKeepformat property to .T. to keep this formatting.
The grid's cursor has some additional columns to help you figure out what the user selected. These include the column lSelected (indicates whether record is selected), lLastSelected (shows last record selected), and recno.
Note that the MultSelectGrid offersr the same highlight, sort, and search functionality included in its cousin the LocatorGrid.
The sample app includes two examples above and also includes two examples of using this class in .prg form.
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