As a gift to the FoxPro community, we are now offering the Foxy Classes license for free. Click here to download it. This includes full source code written by a Microsoft certified Visual FoxPro professional. Here is what you will get:
Sixteen easy-to-use classes. Click here for a description.
Documentation and tips on using each class.
Quality VFP Source code - written by a Microsoft MVP, MCP.
A sample application with its source code. Contains examples on implementing each of the classes.
Ability to use any or all classes in all your applications with no run-time fees or royalties.
Licensing Terms
You can use the classes in as many applications as you like.
You may distribute the classes compiled in your .exe with no run-time fees.
You get full source code and may modify it to suite your needs.
You cannot use Foxy Classes or a derivative of its classes in a competing product. For example, you cannot package the classes in another class library product.
You cannot distribute the classes source code or any part of it, or a derivative of it.
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