Foxy Classes Tour
The following is a list of the VFP classes included in Foxy Classes. Click on a class below to learn more about it. As a tribute to VFP, you can now download the full Foxy Classes libraries free of charge.
  LocatorGrid   A grid class with built-in row highlight, sort, and search functionality, and more.
  MultiSelectGrid   A grid class that supports selecting multiple rows of data.
  EditGrid   LocatorGrid class that allows edits as well !
  Importer   An end-user class for easy import of data into your application.
  dbf2Excel   Automatic export of your tables or cursors into an Excel sheet. Includes two different paths depending on type of tables.
  DataDelta   A developer's class that shows differences between the tables in any two directories. Great for figuring out changes between releases.
  DataUpdater   An end-user class for updating data structure into your latest version. Great for updating users to latest release and allowing them to keep their data.
  SmartText   A textbox class with auto complete feature and special support for email, http, and phone numbers.
  DateTimeCtrl   Textbox class with MS active-x calendar for easy date and date-time selections.
  PeriodPick   Drop-down class for selecting time periods such as last week, last year, etc. Very handy for filtering reports data.
  FontFx   A text label class for creating catchy headlines!
  CoolButton   Add a nice highlight to your graphical buttons or any other VFP object.
  MoverListX   An enhanced mover list class.
  MoverListXX   A movers list class but with LocatorGrids instead of list boxes. Very powerful.
  ObjXplorer   Explore objects on your form.
  edtExpand   An edit box that automatically expands for easier viewing of text inside it.
  Other Classes   The sample app contains other useful classes.
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