What's New.
Release 2 adds seven new classes. Here is a list of the new classes. Click on an item for more details:
Importer   An end-user class for easy import of data into your application.
dbf2Excel   Automatic export of your tables or cursors into an Excel sheet. Includes two different paths depending on type of tables.
EditGrid   A grid class that allows edits and includes other powerful features.
DataDelta   A developer's class that shows differences between the tables in any two directories. Great for figuring out changes between releases.
DataUpdater   An end-user class for updating data structure into your latest version. Great for updating users to latest release and allowing them to keep their data.
MoverListXX   A movers list class but with LocatorGrids instead of list boxes. Very powerful.
edtExpand   An edit box that automatically expands for easier viewing of text inside it.
This release also includes enhancements to Release 1 classes. Here is a summary of the changes:
Support for double click in LocatorGrid
New auto resize function added to grid classes.
Some bug fixes. See the chm help file for the details.
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